Addiction Treatment Services,Traverse City, MI

A Comprehensive Toolbox for
Building a Better Life

There is no magic formula for getting or staying sober. It's a long road, and people come to that road from many different starting points. 

ATS offers a full range of programs and services designed to give you the best chance of taking control of your life. 

Residential Programs

Research has shown that both men and women achieve the best results in gender specific environments. Our specialized residential programs are housed in comfortable, friendly facilities in the heart of Traverse City.

Recovery Homes

The Recovery Homes program provides safe, structured, sober home environments to assist those transitioning from residential treatment to independent living. Research suggests that those who live in environments supportive of a recovery lifestyle have the best outcomes. With the help, support and encouragment of program staff, residents in the Recovery Homes program work together to rebuild their lives.

Outpatient Program

Recovery is a life-long journey. There are many paths one can take to a hope-filled future. So whether you are fresh out of a residential treament program or just interested in taking a different approach to health, ATS offers a full range of outpatient services to meet the ongoing needs of those who are recovering from addiction.


For anyone fighting addiction, the first step is to get the toxic substances out of the body. Our medically-supervised detox program helps you through those initial days, preparing you physically, so you can begin the work of rebuilding your life.

LAB ONE Drug Testing

Drug and alcohol free workplace policies improve profitability and workplace performance. LAB ONE offers drug testing for employers, as well as advice on creating a supportive workplace policy that encourages those struggling with addiction to seek help.