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Addiction is a chronic disorder. Achieving and maintaining a recovery-lifestyle is a life-long pursuit. There is no reason to go it alone. Visit our Resources link for helplines, support services, websites, forums and research on all aspects of addiction.

If you are seeking treatment or have a question, our staff are available to assist you:

Phone: 231-346-5216
Toll-free: 800-622-4810, ext: 115

If you’d like to make a recipient’s rights complaint, please contact:
Venus Teflor, Recipient’s Rights Representative


Facility locations:

Administrative Offices
415 Cass Street, Suite 2A & 2D
Traverse City, MI  49684
Phone: 231-346-5235 | 800-622-4810
Fax: 231-943-2590

940 E. Eighth Street
Traverse City, MI. 49686
Phone: 231-346-5220
Fax: 231-929-0418

Dakoske Hall
(Men's Residential/Detox Services)
116 E. Eighth Street
Traverse City, MI  49684
Phone: 231-346-5224
Fax: 231-922-2095

Phoenix Hall
(Women's Residential Services)
445 E. State Street
Traverse City, MI  49686
Phone: 231-346-5230
Fax: 231-922-4898

Outpatient Services
747 E. Eighth Street
Traverse City, MI 49686
Phone: 231-346-5234
Fax: 231-922-4884

LAB ONE Drug Testing 
747 E. Eighth Street
Traverse City, MI 49686
Phone: 231-346-5202 | Fax: 231-929-3751
PBT Info:231-932-9570 | UA Info: 231-929-3766

Recovery Homes
Traverse City, MI.
Phone: 231-346-5240
Fax: 231-922-4884


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