Addiction Treatment Services,Traverse City, MI

About Traverse City

Addiction Treatment Services is based in Traverse City, a resort community on the shores of Lake Michigan which was named one of the "Top 10 Coolest Towns" in the United States by AOL Travel News. Although famed for its cherry trees, beaches and outdoor adventure opportunities, what is less well known is that it boasts a supportive, tight-knit community which looks out for the interests of all its citizens.

Where we are shapes who we are.

Our residential and treatment facilities are located in the heart of Traverse City, within walking distance to shops, coffee houses, restaurants, churches and community centers.

This is a deliberate choice.

While recovery means cutting ties with negative associations of the past, it also means rediscovering life and all it has to offer. From dance to cooking, from jogging to art, we find that people who begin their recovery journey in Northern Michigan also discover new passions or rekindle old ones.

Traverse City is the perfect place to do that.